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Main campus,CUSAT


The main objective of IUCIPRS is to evolve into a research hub and resource centre of international repute and to act as a think tank in the area of IPR and related subjects. It is meant to be a place facilitating interaction among researchers from different universities and research institutions in India and abroad. IUCIPRS aims at facilitating multidisciplinary tegirls-birthday-party-ideas.comg and research in the area of IPR and related subjects.

The IUCIPRS came into existence by the constitution of its first Governing Council by the Government of Kerala vide G.O. (Ms) No. 348/10/H.Edn. dated l3/10/20I0.This was further modified by G.O (Ms) No.235/11/ H.Edn. dated 23/09/ 2011. The powers of the Governing Council were approved by the Government of Kerala by its letter No.35733/B2/10/H.Edn dated 10/12/2010 which also decided to transfer the funds for the Centre from Government of Kerala to the Accounts of the IUCIPRS through CUSAT. The first meeting of the Governing Council approved the Regulation for the functioning of the Centre and constituted the Executive Committee of the Centre with five members. There is also a Faculty Committee comprising of the Director and all faculty members of the Centre to take care of the academic activities of the Centre. The Executive Committee also constituted a Technical Committee on Construction with one of its members as Chairman to look into the construction activities of the Centre.

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