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Centre for Neuroscience

Opened in


Located in

Main campus,CUSAT

+91- 484- 2862573

The Centre for Neuroscience (CNS), CUSAT was established in 2000 and has been actively involved in search of new dimensions of Neuroscience since its inception. The centre promotes a healthy brain through research, debate and discourses over various neurodegenerative conditions and does encourage the participation of non-academic communities in order to accomplish the vision of the centre. The basic functioning of the Centre for Neuroscience lies in the inherent associations of the research areas pertaining to developmental neuroscience, neuroregeneration, neurodegeneration, gut-brain interaction, Neuromechanics, Neural tissue engineering, Cancer neuroscience etc. and its tremendous influence on improving or influencing the brain health. The Centre focuses on research on basic molecular mechanisms in various neurologic conditions to translational research-level utilising multidisciplinary expertise encompassing all areas of neuroscience research through national, international and industrial collaborations. The focus of the Centre has not been limited to identifying and studying the reciprocal relations and its effects on the human brain. The Centre takes special initiative to disseminate the knowledge to the society. Thus, Prajñā has been brought into place as a platform of CNS to bridge science and society. The Centre organises industrial visits to its students and faculty yearly. The aim of this activity is to bring the scientific and student community nearer to the industry and enable them to understand the current scenario in research and development pertaining to drug discovery and other aspects of neuroscience applications.

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