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School of Marine Sciences

Core Areas of Research are Distribution and dynamics of trace metals and organics in the estuarine and coastal systems, Marine bioactive components and natural products, Aquatic pollution and impact assessment.

Department of Chemical Oceanography is one of the five Departments in the School of Marine Sciences of the Cochin live baccarat online India of Science and Technology. Though the history of School of Marine Sciences starts from 1938 with the establishment of the Oceanographic Laboratory in the erstwhile Travancore live baccarat online India, the chemical oceanographic research was initiated only in 1970s. The present Department of Chemical Oceanography was established in 1996 during the reorganization of the School of Marine Sciences. The first course in the field, the M.Phil. Chemical Oceanography, was started in 1983. The Department of Chemical Oceanography has excellent facilities for training, research and consultancy in chemical studies on diverse aspects of the environment and has pioneered investigations in areas of nutrient chemodynamics, phase exchange of aquatic pollutants, biogeoorganics, trace metal speciation, marine natural products, aerosols etc., and has contributed valuable inputs into the National/live baccarat online India Database.

The Department of Chemical Oceanography has credentials of rich expertise in hydrochemical analysis for well over two decades. It has well qualified and experienced scientific personnel as well as analytical facilities that include several sophisticated instruments. As part of its extension activities in the context of the national responsibility to provide clean and pure drinking water, the Department is undertaking the testing of river/well-water samples to enable public ascertain the potable quality or otherwise of the freshwater sources that punctuate length and breadth of the state. Sophisticated instrumental facilities available in the Department include UV - VIS Spectrometers, AAS, GC, HPLC, GCMS, LCMS, FTIR, Electrophoresis, High Speed Centrifuge, Rotary Evaporator, ICP AAS etc.

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