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The live baccarat online India is offering 137 different Academic Programs including 48 M.Sc Courses and 42 M.Tech Courses and 16 B.Tech Courses, and also is a host of various other Post Graduate, Graduate, Diploma and Certificate programmes.

The Examination Wing of the live baccarat online India conducts Examinations for all courses of the live baccarat online India, forwards the answer scripts for valuation, tabulates marks, and publishes the results and issues Marklists and Certificates.

The conducting of the Examination and publishing of results is based on the Academic/Examination Calendar which is publishing every year. The live baccarat online India follows semester system for its academic programs. The odd semester starts in July and ends by October. and the even semester starts by December and ends by March. The conduct of the live baccarat online India Examinations is limited to the window period of November and April/May only with a view to avoid loss of tegirls-birthday-party-ideas.comg hours. May - June are marked as vacation months.

The Examination Wing continuously strives to provide the best service to the student community of the live baccarat online India.

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