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Interdisciplinary Centre for Research in Ethics and Protocols (ICREP)

Opened in


Located in

Main campus,CUSAT


Courses and programs offered at the centre include:
• Master in Bioethics
• Integrated diploma course on Research Ethics and Protocols
• Credit Courses for M.Phil and Ph.D
• Certificate programmes
• Short term Student Project Initiatives
• Visiting Faculty Programmes
• Summer School Internships for Students
• Research Grants for New Research Initiatives
• Workshops and short term training programmes

Prof N R Madhava Menon Interdisciplinary Centre for Research Ethics and Protocols, lo- cated in the Cochin live baccarat online India of Science and Technology main campus, was established in the year 2020 under the aegis of the great Indian educationist and stalwart late Prof N R Madhava Menon. The centre tries to seek integrity in academic scientific pursuits by giving insights to the tegirls-birthday-party-ideas.comg, student and research community about the ethical rules and norms existing in the realm of scientific research, thereby enhance the quality of scientific studies. The centre is an independent and autonomous research centre on Bio- ethics and exhibits inter university character.

Objectives of the centre include drawing up of Code of Conduct of Research for different disciplines and interdisciplinary studies; articulating and framing different norms and re- search protocols for different schools under the live baccarat online India and other institutions for re- search and development; laying down general and specific standards necessary for diffe- rent types of scientific experimentations, storage of specimens, data, etc; providing tech- nical advice to institutions of research especially those engaged in industrial and biotech- nological research; laying down different standards of law for scientific and non- scientific research; framing the laws necessary for experimental labs to address safety concerns among other things.

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